chub stories

Welcome all admirers of fat men! Why is this called Obese City? Because it's all about obesity... get it? It's about the sexual appeal of the full-framed figure!

My name is Jim from Salem, Massachusetts. I am gay, 36 years old with dark blonde hair and weigh 195 lbs. I am a part-time music teacher in the Boston area.

As you might well imagine, I'd love to live in a city full of fat men. Based on a recent report from Men's Fitness magazine, the closest city resembling this would be Philadelphia, home of the Philly cheese steak. During a few of my visits there, I saw quite a few big boys chowing down at the local bistro.

Here at Obese City we feature big beautiful 300 lb. plus men (135 kilos), the bigger, the better! And you will notice, I tend to feature superchubs. These pictures are from my private collection and some are used without authorization. Anyone who wishes to have their photo removed may contact me by e-mail.

In addition to hot photos, I'm also featuring several of my drawings and a story called " Big Al Special" that is sure to please. Let the eating begin!

Boyd Neil

This is Boyd Neil. He was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as Australia's fattest man at 328 kilos (722 lbs!)

Here he is under McDonald's  golden arches after eating close to a dozen Big Macs. Next stop? Barclay's Ice Creamery for a triple scoop, hot fudge sundae!

More to love means there's more beautiful chub to fall in love with!

Many will say that big people are worthless, lazy and too insecure to have a healthy relationship, but my view is that big people need the love of admirers to develop pride within themselves.

This super chubby is proud to flaunt his ample tummy because he knows he's wanted by many admirers. 

Hi, my name is Barney. I just came back from the Big Men's Clothing Store and although I've gained about 50 lbs. in the past few months, I was still able to find a nice stretch shirt and pants to fit my new expanded figure!

My boyfriend loves to encourage me and frequently drives me to all-you-can-eat buffets. He makes me sit while he goes up and gets more plates. Although I'm full, he insists I eat an extra helping!

Although I'm about to hit 450 lbs and it's getting harder to move about, I don't mind because it makes my boyfriend happy. He always tells me my big body is beautiful. 

"Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into, Stanley!!

I wanted to head home and have a romantic dinner with you with candlelight and roses, but we ended up with your idea of a good time - going to a gay bar to show off my enormous belly."

Stanley says, "Well Ollie, I think your body is beautiful and other men should get to see it too!"

This is Albert. He currently weighs 700 lbs! He's 5'11" with blonde hair, blue eyes and currently single.

Since he's from Philadelphia, his favorite food is Philly steak and cheese sandwiches. He likes to eat several of these in one sitting and washes it all down with a few extra-thick vanilla milkshakes.

Al has been single for 2 years since breaking up with his boyfriend who was critical about his weight and forcing him to eat salads!

Hello, everyone! It's my birthday and I'm in my birthday suit. My husband got me this fabulous cake! He said he's going to help me eat it, but I think he's going to make me eat the whole thing; how do you think I got this big? Eating salads?

When we first got together several years ago, I was only 220 lbs. - stocky, but slim. Now I weigh 540, over twice that much! Those chasers are so clever - they encourage, then act as if they had nothing to do with my weight gain. Maybe if I get a cake this big every year from him, I won't complain. Yummy, yummy!!!!!

As everyone knows, cops love doughnuts and the sight of this chubby proves it is true.

After snacking at the local coffee shop during his daily beat, Mario has gotten so big now, he's afraid he will not be able to fit into his patrol car.

Last week the captain told Mario to lose all the weight, but he's not worried because the captain is just as fat as him!!

Mario is currently single and seeking an encourager to feed him his favorite doughnut - blueberry cake!

Ever think you'd see a sumo wrestler propose to another with a box of chocolates? It looks like the thinner wrestler is proposing to the larger one. In Japanese sumo, they would be called the soppu and anko, respectively.

Maybe after the chocolates, the thin one will encourage the rikishi to eat many bowls of chanko- nabe, the pot stew eaten to gain weight!

Wahoo!! My name is Bruce and I'm on my way to Dallas, Texas to attend Convergence 2001. I can't wait to strut my stuff during the Chub and Chaser Contest. Last year I came in second place in the chub event. However, this year I intend to win the grand prize - a lifetime supply of chocolates!

Since the last event, I've put on about 50 lbs. and I hope I turn the heads of more chasers this time.

Don't let this cane fool you! When I see a hot chaser, my legs can move faster than a rabbit hungry for carrots. Yuck, did I mention carrots?!

Hi, my name is Michael and as you can see, I love to crush scales with my 550 lb. gorgeous big body. My boyfriend told me if I didn't break our scale he might get the roaming eye for a bigger guy, so I immediately gained a few more pounds to keep him devoted and excited about me.

Fellow chubs, just a word of advice: keep your hubby happy by giving him what he wants, even if this means gaining a few pounds. Believe me, most chasers will notice when they place their arms around you.

You've heard that some chasers prefer older big daddies, but it looks like they've gathered to get a piece of this popular chub daddy.

His name is William and he came to this bath house to have a little fun tonight; however, these chasers put him in chains so they could take turns playing with his voluptuous big body!
Go easy boys...